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How we brew: French Press

The French Press goes by various names around the world. In South Africa, New Zealand and Australia the apparatus is known as a Coffee Plunger and the coffee brewed in it is know as Plunger Coffee.

Making coffee via a French Press is more art than exact science. There are a few fundamentals to follow, but beyond that, everyone has their own golden “recipe”

We Recommend:

  • Dosage: 24g ground coffee for every 250ml water
  • Grind size: Coarse (like kosher salt)
  • Water Temp: 92 °C
  • Pre-infusion/Blooming: 45ml for 40 second
  • Total time: no longer than 2:30 minutes

Steep for 4 minutes


  • Rinse and heat up the plunger
  • 2 to 3 tablespoon/24 grams of ground coffee

Adjust the strength of your brew by adjusting your grind size. The finer the coffee, stronger the brew. If you’d like stronger coffee, grind your coffee finer.

  • Pour water evenly over grounds and stir to make sure the hot water gets to every bit, stir to make sure all the ground are immersed in the water and to help with extraction of the delicious oils and compound.
  • Cover the French press for steeping, don’t let the filter touch the brew to prevent cooling it more than necessary.

4 minutes is the standard number that gets throw around. For stronger brew, steep for as much as 10 minutes. For the small 3-4 cup French press, you can get away with 2 minutes of steeping.

  • Push the plunger down with care to not force coffee grinds past the sides and pour into cups immediately

Leave a bit of coffee in the French press to minimize the coffee dust in a cup.




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