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How we brew: Hario V60

How we brew: Hario V60


  • Buy only high quality beans
  • Keep it fresh
  • Beans vs Ground Coffee – For the best taste, freshly ground coffee is more important than having perfectly sized ground coffee.
  • Storage – Sealed, dark & dry
  • Water – Coffee is 98% water. The better the water, the better the coffee.
  • Temperature and Time
  • Good Measures
  • Serve promptly
  • Cleanliness – Brewing tools, serving vessels and hands

Part of the dripper family, the V60 is made by HARIO, a Japanese company founded in 1921. The name ‘V60’refers to the 60 degree vertical angle of its cone and it is available in Copper, Glass,Ceramic and Plastic.

We recommend:

Dosage: 17g ground coffee for every 250ml water

Grind size: medium fine

Water Temp: 92 degree Celsius

Pre-infusion/blooming; 45ml for 40 second

Total time: no longer than 2:30 minute


Rinse the filter and heat the cup.

Grind and pour coffee into the V60 making a small crater in the middle of the grounds.

Pour 45ml of water over coffee and let it pre-infuse for 40 seconds. Ensure all the coffee grinds are wet.

Pour to the top of the V60 in circles and let it draw down.

Pour to the top again and until desired water quantity is reached.

Should finish before 2:30 minutes.

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