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How we brew: Moka Pot

How we brew: Moka Pot

Moka pot is a device for making coffee that uses steam pressure to push water through coffee grinds similar to the espresso method, but with much lower pressure. The coffee made in a Moka Pot, as you would expect, is very bold, it resembles espresso, but lacks the crema. It also has much less oils. Moka Pot coffee is a great espresso alternative.

Total brew time: 3-4 minutes
Coffee: 20 to 22 gram (6 cup brewer)
Water: 330 ml
Grind Size: Medium fine


Preboil water in a kettle
Fill the filter basket with ground coffee- Do not compress the coffee.
Add the heated water and fill to the line in the bottom of the brewer.
Screw the top and bottom together
Put the brewer on the stove at moderate heat

Ensure that the handle is not subjected to hear and leave the top lid open
The coffee will begin to come out and you will hear a puffing sound and see a rich brown stream that will get progressively lighter in colour.

Once the stream is the colour of yellow honey, remove from heat and close the lid.
Serve as soon as possible as Espresso or add to hot water for Americano.

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