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Introducing our Heritage Collection

Our Heritage Collection consists of  five signature coffee blends that have stood the test of time, and become favourites among coffee lovers.

Blue Mountain – a blend created with the intent to capture the legendary flavour and aromas of the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Over the decades the coffee developed a reputation as the most sought after and expensive coffee in the world. Our founder Jock developed the Mastertons Blue Mountain blend to give coffee lovers the chance to experience this mild yet smooth blend.

Mocha Java – Mocha Java is said to be the world’s oldest coffee blend. Originally a blend of Mocha coffee from Yemen and the Indonesian Java coffee. Jock Masterton crafted this blend to mimic the classic yet earthy taste.

Blend 97 – a tribute blend to a great man born in 1897, our founder Jock Masterton. This blend was created for coffee lovers who had requested a slightly stronger taste profile, without the bitterness.

Sweet Italian– With many Italian First World War officers making Port Elizabeth home, they desired a stronger coffee blend. Jock Masterton created Sweet Italian, a perfect blend of dark and medium roast. The perfect blend for use in Italian stove top espresso pots.

Brown Gold – an all-time favourite created in the 1980’s by James Masterton, son of our founder Jock. Brown Gold was the first coffee blend that was sold with a label, designed by James himself. This sparked the creation of the unique blend labels we still have today.




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