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Mastertons Freeze-dried is NOW available through the Makro Online Store!!

After nearly a century of perfecting the art of coffee roasting, we introduce to you our Freeze-dried Instant Coffee. A truly Mastertons experience that caters to all coffee drinkers in South Africa. Specially developed to suit the South African palate, our Mastertons Freeze-Dried is full-bodied and brews a rich and aromatic cup with subtle hints of caramel. This delicious medium roast can be to be enjoyed all day, with its smooth taste.

Relax, Recharge and Stir your Senses with a cup of Mastertons Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee!


There are two main options when it comes to instant coffee, both require the coffee to be brewed first, into a coffee concentrate. Spray drying and freeze-drying are the processes that follow with freeze-drying generally considered to produce a less bitter outcome. It involves quite a few more steps than spray drying.

As you can see from the video below, the beans used in the process are generally not of the greatest quality. But that doesn’t mean that the process is necessarily bad. So theoretically, if you use good quality and well-roasted beans at the beginning of this process then you have a really easy way to enjoy quality coffee.


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