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Our Coffee Tree Journey


Our Coffee Tree Journey

Look how beautiful she is!

One of our favourite things about our Walmer Roastery is that we now have a garden with our very own coffee tree!


Interesting facts:

Coffee lovers will recognize the dark red cherries dangling from coffee plants during harvest season, but in order for the fruit to grow every year, they have to flower first.

coffee tree

Both the climate, particularly the amount of rain the region receives, and the age of the plant determine how well a plant will flower and the quality of beans it will produce.

Each blooming flower is a symbol of the coffee bean that will come months later.

About a month after the flowers appear, the aroma of the flowers is at its strongest and the petals begin to fall to the ground.

Left behind after the flowers fall is the carpel, which will eventually mature into a coffee cherry.

our coffee tree

*Extra Fun Fact: The slower the maturing process, the more time the cherry has to develop complex sugars.
our coffee tree

The self-pollinating plants then nurture this cherry until it is a ripe coffee bean ready to be roasted for your morning cup of coffee, and then the flowering process begins all over again.

The latest ☕-tree update is that our coffee cherries are ripening…

Stay tuned for more updates on our coffee tree journey.

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